IMC chose me?

IMC chose me saying was born thanks to an IMC student, Matt Heard.

Matt Heard is a junior at The University of West Alabama. During a Graphic Design 2 class, students had to find a sentence to describe what the program meant for them. Heard is the one who came up with this tag line and it immediately  clicked with the whole class. Heard came with this idea in a really spontaneous way but fully believe in this catch line. 

Heard always wanted to help people so he came at UWA to fulfill  a criminal justice major. Like many students, he decided to switch to IMC in order to further with the creative aspects of his personality. 

The support he gets from the teachers and the motivation he receives from them to pursue his own projects make him fulfilled in this new major.  

Heard wants to create TV shows and movies. Passionate about the subject, he is impressed by the amount of emotions a movie can make people feel. He likes to think that this job could allow him to inspire people to follow their dreams and to further themselves. In a way, with this degree, Heard will also be able to help people, just like he always wanted to.