Randa Hovater

“The UWA IMC program has helped me land my dream job as the Media Relations Manager of the Florence/Lauderdale Tourism Bureau by not allowing myself to limit my skill set. From media relations, communications, graphics and website design I can do it all and save my business another salary to pay…and that means a bigger paycheck for me. An average day for me involves creating graphics and social media posts, taking photos of local events and attractions, talking with the media to market the area and planning events for conferences our company is hosting. All of these responsibilities are things I have already done before through my IMC courses so coming in as a new employee, I was not timid about jumping right in. For most it is unheard of for a 23-year-old to hold a managerial position for a government job, however for the UWA IMC program combined with hard work and determination, I could see it becoming the norm.”