Paige Miller

When I graduated high school I had zero idea what I wanted to do with my life. I went from dreaming of becoming a nurse, to being a dental hygienist, or even a biology teacher. However, after two years into community college I still felt that biology was my calling, or so I thought. Junior year hit me like a ton of bricks (more like chem II). I have always been a science nerd minus the math. In the middle of the fall semester, I spoke out to my friends and family about my unhappiness in my degree plan. It was almost as everyone was astatic I wanted something different, something more for myself. 


I did some soul searching and underneath the science nerd was someone who desired to be creative, to help others, and wanted to love what I did. (However, I wasn’t sold on IMC just yet) 


I scheduled a meeting with Dr. Amy Jones just to find out more about the program and what types of jobs it could lead me to……..(30 mind later) I walked out with a degree change form, drop course form, and add class form. 


IMC chose me. After her five minute spiell I knew I belonged to this amazing program. (The other 25 minutes were spent filling out forms and rearranging my new schedule) Through this program I gained so much work and LIFE experience. From creating a nationally recognized Donate Life campaign with a fellow IMC student, successfully planning and implementing Panhellenic recruitment as a Student Life Intern, and now being employed as the Strategic Branding Coordinator with Mossy Oak Properties Inc. 


IMC gave me opportunities to make connections that have gotten me where I am today. I wake up loving what I do each day. I chose Biology because I was comfortable with the practical outcome but IMC chose me and pushed me out of my comfort zone. I am so excited for the future and thrilled to see where it takes me. Forever thankful and could never repay my professors for helping me each step of the way!